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Pharmaceutical Representative Policy

Issued by: Proc. Committee
Approved by: Pharmacy & Therapeudic Comm
Date: 3/99
Revision: 5/01

The Altru Health System recognizes the contributions pharmaceutical companies and their sales representatives provide for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, associates and patients. In an effort to standardize procedures and maintain order in the detailing process, the following policies must be followed at Altru Health System:

1. Pharmaceutical representatives who desire to detail products at Altru Health System must be a member of the Red River Valley Medical Representative Association (RRVMRA)

2. Pharmaceutical representatives are not allowed in patient care areas of the clinic during regular patient hours (8am - 5pm) without an appointment. This includes exam or treatment rooms and corridors.

3. Pharmaceutical representatives are not allowed in any patient care areas of Altru Hospital. These areas include patient care areas of second floor AND third, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of Altru Hospital in their entirety. If a representative desires an appointment with a manager of one of the hospital patient care areas, it must be coordinated through the Altru Hospital Pharmacy Manager. There are no exceptions.

4. Mutually agreed upon appointments with the physician must be set up in advance by the representative.

5. No loitering or wandering within Altru Health System will be tolerated.

6. Due to JCAHO and OSHA restrictions, involving infection control issues, there will be no food brought into patient cre areas of Altru Health System.

7. Display will be set up and coordinated at a scheduled time and place. Information may be obtained from the hospital pharmacy department for medication displays within Altru Hospital. Products displayed in the hospital area of Altru Health Systems are to be hospital formulary items only! Appointments for display are limited to one per individual per 6 weeks. Hospital displaysare held Tuesdays through Thursdays only.

8. Samples will be handled according to the "Altru Health System Medication Sample Policy".

9. Gifts/trips from pharmaceutical companies to physicians, nurses, and/or other staff must be used only for educational or research programs/activities. Gifts of nominal value are allowed; must be related to an individual's work (pens, notepads, etc.). Offers of gifts, such as support for an educational or research program, would be considered a philanthropic gift and should be processed through the Altru Health System Foundation.

10. Trips paid for by pharmaceutical companies, including tickets and accommodations, must meet the guidelines set forth in the Altru Health Systems Corporate Compliance Policy.

11. It is requested that the Pharmacy be kept informed by the sales representativeof those products which are being "detailed" to the medical staff, especially as it relates to new product releases or new indications. It is also reuested that a complete and detailed set of information be provided to the pharmacy.

12. As a courtesy to other product representatives, it is asked by the RRVMRA that all representatives visiting the Altru Clinic area, sign in to a registration book (provided by the association) so that representative traffic can be assessed on any given day.

13. Failure to adhere to the above policies will result in notification of the representative's manager AND

Upon first offense - The individual representative will lose visiting privileges at Altru Health System for 6 months.

Upon second offense (by the same company) - The entire company will lose visiting/detailing privileges at Altru Health System for 6 months.

Upon third offense (by same company) - The entire company will lose visiting/detailing privileges at Altru Health System for one year.

Prior to any penalty being assessed against an individual or company, the President of Altru Health System will review the incident/violation.

This policy may be modified as needed to better accommodate the needs of staff. Please contact individual physicians or departments to see if more specific policies are in effect.

JCAHO: Feb, 2001 - Patients' Rights and Organization Ethics

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