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The purpose of this policy is to enumerate guidelines concerning pharmaceutical sales representatives in their relationship to the hospital.

General Information

It is the policy of the hospital and the pharmacy department to be mutually equitable, considerate and helpful in working with pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are expected to be familiar with these guidelines and follow the procedures. Representatives that fail to comply with any of the provisions of these guidelines may have future privileges suspended.


1. Access

1.1 All pharmaceutical sales representatives wishing to contact hospital departments and personnel must have approval by the Pharmacy Director. Drugs NOT formulary at Innovis Health cannot be discussed with ancillary departments, unless approved by the Director of Pharmacy or his representative must be included in the discussion, in which case prior appointments must be made. An educational event sponsored by pharmaceutical representatives must be approved by the Pharmacy Director, and must be jointly presented to Pharmacy personnel and the ancillary department. Representatives are not to contact supervisors, department directors, medical or nursing staff members directly anywhere in the Innovis Health premises. Requests for appointments and statements of reason for business are to be made through pharmacy.

2. Displays

2.1 Pharmaceutical displays will NOT be allowed at Innovis Health

3. Appointment with Pharmacy Personnel

3.1 The director and clinical staff will see pharmaceutical sales representatives by appointment only. Representatives are requested not to detain or converse with pharmacists while on duty. Special arrangements may be made to speak to members of the staff on matters of importance.

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